The Mercury Endeavor, LLC

The Mercury Endeavor, LLC is a mitigation and sentencing-advocacy firm assisting defense attorneys with investigation, preparation, and strategy for sentencing phases in capital and non-capital felony cases.

While defense-team attorneys and investigators work to uncover "what" happened during an alleged criminal offense, The Mercury Endeavor conducts exhaustive investigation to discover, analyze, and organize evidence through bio-psycho-social history in order to explain "why" the alleged offense may have occurred and the reasons why life-sentence, or less, is most appropriate.i

Founded by Tim Jon Semmerling, PhD, JD and Stephen M. O’Connor, JD, The Mercury Endeavor works with defense teams in state, federal, and military jurisdictions. The Mercury Endeavor has particular expertise and cultural competency in working with Arab and Muslim defendants and serving defense teams challenged with understanding Middle Eastern and Islamic cultures and acculturation issues.

i See Pamela Blume Leonard, A New Profession for an Old Need: Why a Mitigation Specialist Must be Included on the Capital Defense Team, 31 Hofstra L. Rev. 1143, 1151 (2003).




The Mercury Endeavor, LLC is pleased to announce an expansion of our services with the opening of the O’Connor & Semmerling Law Group, LLC – a criminal defense firm. O’Connor & Semmerling Law Group is proud to announce its collaboration with the esteemed Law Offices of Raymond G. Wigell, Ltd. Please visit our new websites to learn more about our legal services and us.

Book Review

The Mercury Endeavor, LLC provides book reviews that defense teams will find applicable, insightful, and reflective for their practices. Book reviews are published to this website periodically. Viewers may quote from this webpage but must properly attribute and cite the work to Dr. Tim Jon Semmerling or Stephen M. O'Connor, The Mercury Endeavor, LLC, and the collateral sources cited herein:

Being Effective With Juries
Tim Jon Semmerling, PhD, JD

BOOK REVIEW: Sundby, Scott E. A Life and Death Decision: A Jury Weighs the Death Penalty..New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2005. 220 pages. ISBN: 9780230600638.

Death-penalty defense teams ensure their legal effectiveness with the courts, in part, by following the ABA Guidelines for the Appointment and Performance of Defense Counsel in Death Penalty Cases.1 Just the same, defense teams must also find ways to improve their influential effectiveness with their juries during trials.

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